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Your Solution 4 Real Estate is a family owned company based in Michigan. We buy, sell, and lease properties.  We specialize in revitalizing houses that need “TLC” into homes that you will love to live in. Our buyers are looking for homes in nice areas that are finished to a high quality standard and offered at a reasonable price.  We are always buying and selling homes, so our inventory moves quickly. We provide our clients with their dream homes, while we help to improve the property values in the neighborhoods and communities that we work within. We employ local contractors.  We are pleased to be a small part of the restoration of the US housing market and economy.
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Do you have a situation that requires immediate attention?

We offer creative solutions or all cash purchase programs for situations such as:

  • Divorce
  • Job Relocation
  • Short Sale
  • Foreclosure
  • Estate Settlement
  • Weary Landlord
  • Flip Gone Bad

We are always buying and selling homes.  We can pay with CASH and are Fast, Friendly and Fair. We will help you find a positive way forward.  Please enter your information below and we will contact you shortly to discuss.

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